Two-Line Torah: Kedoshim 5776: Honoring Wisdom



May 9, 2016

We are told to be ‘kedoshim‘ (holy) this week, to distinguish and designate ourselves – a re-dedication to our ideals. We have been called ‘people of the Book’, but more than that we are a people of wisdom.

One of the mitzvoth (opportunities to connect) in this week’s parasha is to honor Torah scholars. Why?

Knowledge is acquired, wisdom is earned; and as such, is deserving of respect from those who wish to be set on the path to earn it.

In college, we are immersed in learning, most of which is about knowledge. But when we are graced with an educator or peer, Rabbi or student, with the presence of wisdom, respect isn’t just a necessity. It’s an opportunity to connect with that wisdom.

Life’s journey is full of knowledge. Some of it matters; most of it doesn’t. But wisdom always matters. Be wise!

Rabbi YD Schwartz is OU-JLIC Rabbi at Boston University Florence & Chafetz Hillel House.