Two-Line Torah: Terumah 5776–Generosity and Holiness



February 7, 2016

In this week’s parasha, Terumah, God gives Moses a detailed set of instructions on how to build the Mishkan, a holy dwelling place where God can be near the children of Israel as they move through the desert on their journey.

Each individual is called upon to give generously from their finest belongings: precious metals, fine fabrics and skins, precious oils and spices. These elements will be combined in a particular way in order to give the community a physical place to access the divine.

In our work with Hillel, we also ask of our students to give generously from the very best parts of what they have: time, passion, and energy. So too do these elements, when combined in a particular way, allow us to create a space more holy than the individual parts.

It is our job to inspire those around us to give generously from their hearts, and create a space for holiness and connection on our campuses.

Danielle Kranjec is Senior Jewish Educator at Hillel JUC of Pittsburgh.

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