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Latest News

Questions and answers with Abby Stein, trans activist

Nov 20, 2017

Abby Stein came out as transgender in 2015, just three years after leaving the Hasidic community where she was raised.

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Two-Line Torah: Vayetzei 5778 – Keep It Holy

Nov 19, 2017

How do the most mundane of objects become holy?

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Start-ups brew at American University

Nov 15, 2017

Israel may once have been known as the Land of Milk and Honey, but today it is the Start-up Nation.

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Two-Line Torah: Toldot 5778 – Balancing Jacob and Esau

Nov 12, 2017

This week think about how you can balance the Jacob and Esau, the soft and the hard, the inward and the outward, in your life.

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