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Latest News

Hillel International Names Jennifer Chestnut Vice President for Campus Partnerships

Jul 07, 2015

Hillel International President and CEO Eric D. Fingerhut announced today that Jennifer Chestnut will serve as the organization’s Vice President for Campus Partnerships.

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Summer Learning: Mechon Hadar’s Hillel Professionals Institute

Jul 02, 2015

Where are we in this long Jewish narrative? Mechon Hadar didn’t just educate us about the Torah, but turned us all into better resources for our students.

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Training vs. Learning: A Different Conception of Professional Development

Jun 29, 2015

At Hillel, we rarely speak of teaching, but rather, we speak of learning. Whether I am the facilitator or the participant in the Torah study, I am always a learner.

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2015 Top 60 Schools by Jewish Student Population

Jun 24, 2015

The lists of the 2015 top schools Jews choose, as published in the Hillel College Guide Magazine. Check out the Top 60 Public Universities by Jewish Population, Top 60 Private Universities by Jewish Population and the Top 60 Schools Jews Choose – a breakdown by percentage.

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