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Latest News

Three Questions to Ask During a War (and During Peacetime, Too)

Jul 29, 2014

If we are to make sense of the world for ourselves, and if we are to share it with others--both of which, it seems to me, we have no choice but to do--then we need to have clear minds and open hearts.

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Behind the Scenes: Working as a Hillel International Intern

Jul 28, 2014

It's unique for an organization to invest as much time and energy in its interns as Hillel International does, and it's not an experience I take for granted.

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The Accidental Hillel Professional

Jul 28, 2014

I found myself beginning to build relationships with the students who came through our door, and they started to tell me their stories.

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Be Interested, Not Interesting

Jul 25, 2014

As an intern with Hillel International this summer, I've learned the importance of active listening and how much more I can gain from truly hearing someone, allowing them to lead the conversation.

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