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Latest News

Two-Line Torah: Behar 5776--Timing and Restoration

May 22, 2016

As we finish up the school year, Parashat Behar reminds us to recognize the significance of timing and restoration.

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Hillel International Announces 2016 Renaissance Award Honoree Daniel A. Burack

May 16, 2016

The award was presented on May 18 at The Pierre Hotel in New York City at Hillel International’s annual Renaissance Gala.

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Two-Line Torah: Emor 5776: Sacred Time

May 15, 2016

This commandment of time was given directly from God. These times are fixed and should be branded in the Jewish calendar forever.

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Two-Line Torah: Kedoshim 5776: Honoring Wisdom

May 08, 2016

Knowledge is acquired, wisdom is earned; and as such, is deserving of respect from those who wish to be set on the path to earn it.

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