Acting on ideas



February 22, 2019

“Beginning with my first Shabbat at Binghamton University, Hillel was my place to connect socially, spiritually and religiously. I was able to find a shomer Shabbat community and even friends who became my roommates. My first year in college, Hillel was in the process of restructuring and only had one full-time staff member. Anything we wanted to do had to be done ourselves. I learned how to make ideas come to fruition. I also learned how to take care of logistics, making my plans be as successful as possible. The programming, tefillah organizing and Shabbat meal planning I did at Hillel has carried into my job as a student life associate at the American Hebrew Academy. I instilled in my students to do the same; they should follow through with their ideas for programs, turning them into reality. This has also led to my path towards social work and helping all people move towards their goals.” — Eliana Horwitz, Graduate Student at School of Social Service Administration at University of Chicago