Announcing Hillel International’s 2018-2019 Student Cabinet



July 28, 2017

Hillel International announced today the 19 members of the third cohort of the Hillel International Student Cabinet. The Cabinet allows Hillel International’s leadership to directly benefit from the advice, opinions and perspectives of Jewish college students from throughout the world. A richly diverse cohort, the members selected represent a spectrum of Jewish backgrounds, size and location of schools, gender, orientation and area of study. The members were selected through a highly competitive process.

The cabinet will also serve as a vehicle to connect Jewish college students to their peers throughout the world, by leveraging the global Hillel network. Currently, Hillel operates on more than 550 college campuses and in 17 countries.

“Having diverse students in positions of power and influence within Hillel will make our organization stronger,” said Hillel International Vice President for Student Engagement and Leadership Sheila Katz. “These 19 selected students represent great diversity from our movement. They range from all sects of Judaism, varying levels of involvement with organized Jewish life, and diverse ideologies about Israel and the world. The makeup of our cabinet includes students from small private schools and large public schools, students from international campuses and American campuses, and includes Jewish students from multifaith backgrounds, students with disabilities, students who identify as LGBTQ, and more,” added Katz.

“We are excited to be working together to empower the Cabinet’s diverse selection of student leaders to take an active role in shaping the Hillel movement, and the global Jewish landscape,” said co-chairs Reut Cohen and Jordyn Zimmerman. Cohen continued, “Something unique about this year’s cohort is that this is the first time that there is a non-American co-chair (I’m Israeli and Canadian).”

Below is a full list of the 2018-19 Cabinet members:

Ruthie Charendoff, Northwestern, ‘19

Alice Chudnovsky, University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign, ‘20

Reut Cohen, University of Toronto, ‘19

Mathew Ghan, Chapman University, ‘20

Natalie Grande, Bradley University, ‘19

Tatiana Haimenis, Brazil, ‘19

Sarah Holtz, Penn State University, ‘19

Isaac Johnston, University of Chicago, ‘19

Sam Kaminsky, University of Minnesota, ‘19

David Kulp, Emory University, ‘20

Jonah Levitt, McGill University, ‘21

Aliza Lifshitz, Barnard College, ‘20

Sophie Nadler, California State University–San Marcos, ‘19

Dmitrii Pasternak, Russia, ‘18

Naomi Pitkoff, Temple University, ‘20

Nathan Schachter, University of Connecticut, ‘19

Daria Tass, Tel Aviv University, ‘20

Alexander Weingart, University of Vermont, ‘19

Jordyn Zimmerman, Ohio University, ‘20