Becoming a leader



June 26, 2019

“Central Florida Hillel was my springboard into college leadership. I began my very first leadership position as an intern for Hillel, where I was tasked to engage other Jewish students on campus that weren’t the traditional ‘show up to Hillel welcome week’ type of students. I learned how to talk to people from a variety of backgrounds, a skill that followed me throughout college and into my professional career. Fueled by the skills and confidence I picked up at Hillel, I went onto serve as the Interfraternity Council president for a year and a student body senator for two years. After college, I continued applying these skills at Alpha Epsilon Pi, where I landed my first job as the civic engagement coordinator. I still use these skills in my new role as a field coordinator for TAMID Group, where I travel to college campuses across the country to connect business students with opportunities and startups in Israel. Hillel served me spiritually, professionally and socially. To this day, I’m still in contact with my Hillel staff, who are my colleagues, friends and some of the most inspiring mentors. I even met my wonderful girlfriend through Hillel programming. Hillel is more than just a home away from home for the three to five years Jewish students are attending college; it’s an incubator for the future leaders of the Jewish community.” — Scott Gerstel, Field Coordinator for TAMID Group