Five Things You Need to Know About Hillel International’s Climate Action Plan



March 9, 2023

Busy studying for midterms but want to know what steps Hillel is taking to address climate change? Here are the top five things you need to know about Hillel International’s Climate Action Plan:

1. It all starts with learning

One of the top priorities in Hillel International’s Climate Action Plan is increasing organizational understanding of sustainability and climate change. Through professional development opportunities, education for board members and lay leaders, and student-focused education, Hillel is committed to ongoing learning and thought leadership around climate change. 

2. Enriching climate education for students across the Hillel movement 

Hillel’s Service Engagement internship will increase its focus on and education about sustainability and climate action. Partnering with Repair the World, Adamah, and Dayenu is also an important part of enriching climate education for campus Hillels and for helping our partner organizations connect with students. 

3. Assessing Hillel’s climate impact with an eye towards action

This year, the Hillel International Student Cabinet set climate action as one of their priorities and formed an Environmental Sustainability. Alongside Hillel International’s Social Impact team, the Student Cabinet members will begin the process of assessing Hillel’s climate impact, both on a local and international level. This work will inform future recommendations and climate-related initiatives across the Hillel movement. 

4. Making events greener

Hillel International will work to reduce the impact of Hillel’s conferences and events. This collaboration will combine sustainability education at events with efforts to reduce the event’s environmental impact. 

5. Hillel International takes the lead

As one of the inaugural signatories to the Climate Action Plan and a pioneer of the Jewish Climate Leadership Coalition, Hillel International is committed to being a climate leader in the global Jewish community and beyond. 

Hillel International’s Partnership with Adamah and its implementation of the Climate Action Plan is part of Hillel’s ongoing dedication to protecting and repairing the world we live in. We look forward to sharing updates as this work continues.