Happy birthday, Israel!



May 7, 2019

Hillel students celebrated the 71st anniversary of Israel’s independence with lively parties, art projects and of course, food. Below are scenes from some of the events they organized:

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Hillel

As Israeli pop songs echoed across campus, members of Artists4Israel used cans of red and orange spray paint to create a 10-foot-tall mural. The graffiti wall, painted with Hebrew and English words of peace, was one of the activities planned byUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Hillel to honor Israel.

University of Central Florida Hillel

University of Central Florida Hillel organized a weeklong celebration of Israel, featuring an Israeli shuk, or marketplace. Students drew temporary henna tattoos on their hands while munching on popular Israeli snacks, including crunchy Bamba and colorful gummies.

University of Texas at Austin Hillel

More than 8,000 students and community members attended the Israel Block Party, hosted by University of Texas at Austin Hillel for the 19th consecutive year. The event featured a variety of activities, including camel rides, a silent disco and rock climbing.

Ithaca College Hillel

Students from Ithaca College Hillel participated in a one-hour dance class taught by Israeli dance instructor Rina Rinkewich. They learned traditional Jewish dances, including the Horah, a circle dance typically performed at weddings and other joyous occasions.

American University Hillel

American University Hillel partnered with more than 10 campus organizations to host a party for Israel’s birthday. Jewish and non-Jewish students danced to Israeli tunes, noshed on kosher food and snapped photos in Israel using a green screen.

DePaul University Hillel

DePaul University Hillel brought a taste of Israeli culture to campus by organizing “Paint and Sip: Israeli Art Night.” Students learned about the history of art in Israel before they participated in a painting lesson, taught by a professional instructor.