Hillel International Global Assembly Brings 1,100 Campus Professionals, Partners and Stakeholders to Denver



December 4, 2017

DENVER – The largest Jewish campus organization in the world will this week bring more than 1,100 Hillel professionals, partners and stakeholders together in Denver for the fourth annual Hillel International Global Assembly (HIGA) and first-ever Hillel International Global Leadership Conference for volunteer leaders. The gatherings will showcase innovation from Hillels around the world, and give Hillel professionals the opportunity to share ideas and successes that can be emulated on campuses of every size.

Building on the success of Hillel U, the organization’s comprehensive new professional development program, this year’s HIGA (December 4-7) will feature peer-to-peer and expert-led learning modeled after corporate and academic trainings. Among this year’s programming will be “Empowering and Supporting Students in the Face of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel Bias;” “Pastoral Counseling Master Class;” “Objectives and Key Results for the Social Sector: Adapting How Google Sets Ambitious Goals and Manages Progress to Drive Growth;” and “Intersectionality: Identity, Politics, Judaism and the Campus Community.”

Five Hillel professionals in varied roles on campuses across the country will share their stories, insights and ideas to inspire their peers at “Hillel Talks,” followed by a response from Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, author of Hillel: If Not Now, When?. Hillel professionals will also participate in roundtable and one-on-one discussions to gain wisdom from colleagues to bring back to their campuses.

Many of the participating professionals will be in attendance thanks to funding from Hillel Talent Grants, announced at last year’s HIGA and designed to help campuses prioritize talent development, giving these Jewish professionals the opportunity to work and hone their skills in the Hillel movement and by extension, the greater Jewish community.

“Hillel International Global Assembly brings together the best and brightest from the field of Jewish campus professionals, providing them with an opportunity to learn from one another and bring new ideas to every campus community,” said Eric D. Fingerhut, President and CEO of Hillel International. “With a successful first year of Hillel U and the Hillel Talent Grants behind us, we know our professional development efforts are starting to change the Hillel movement, allowing us to grow our professionals and impact more students.”

This year also marks the first Hillel International Global Leadership Conference, which will bring together Hillel’s volunteer leaders from around North America and the world for an insider look at the most significant topics and issues facing Jewish life on campus. The more than 150 participants include major donors to local Hillels and Hillel International, chairs and members of local Hillel boards, and other key stakeholders. The Global Leadership Conference is a centerpiece of Hillel’s new Global Leadership Society, an initiative to identify, cultivate, and steward volunteer leaders from across the Hillel movement and deepen Hillel’s connection with the broader Jewish community.

Participants in the Global Leadership Conference will discuss pertinent issues, including “Millennials and Generation Z: Engaging and Building the Jewish Future;” “Talent and the Tipping Point;” “Legalities of BDS and Free Speech on Campus;” and “Building the New Sacred Center.” They will learn new skills to improve their local board of directors, hire future Hillel directors, and make improvements towards Hillel’s Drive to Excellence benchmarks. They will also hear from Avraham Infeld, former president and CEO of Hillel International, and Sandy Cardin, president of The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.


About Hillel International
Founded in 1923, Hillel has been enriching the lives of Jewish students for more than 90 years. Today, Hillel International is a global organization that welcomes students of all backgrounds and fosters an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning and Israel. Hillel is dedicated to enriching the lives of Jewish students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world. As the largest Jewish student organization in the world, Hillel builds connections with emerging adults at more than 550 colleges and universities, and inspires them to direct their own path. During their formative college years, students are challenged to explore, experience, and create vibrant Jewish lives.