Hillel International Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Abortion



June 24, 2022

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Today is a painful and distressing day for many Americans and Jewish students across the country who believe that each American should have the right to make personal decisions about pregnancy and abortion in a way that is informed by their own beliefs, values, and needs.

The Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate the constitutional right to abortion is at odds with Jewish law and practice, which prioritizes the life of the pregnant person. The decision will jeopardize the wellbeing of our students and professionals, particularly those of limited economic means and those in states where legal abortion will now be unavailable. As the largest global organization supporting Jewish students, today we are focused on doing just that: supporting students, and creating a safe and caring environment both for them, and for the Hillel professionals who serve them.

Our tradition teaches that our most sacred obligation is the preservation of human life, and we’re dismayed that this ruling will make it more challenging to fulfill that promise for the students, professionals, and community members we serve. In the weeks and months ahead, we will continue to focus on providing resources to our students and professionals to support their health and wellbeing, especially those in states where the ruling has an immediate impact.