Hillel responds to the Executive Order on refugees



January 31, 2017

Campus Hillels across the country are mobilizing students and working with university administrators to uphold Jewish values in protecting all students subject to the Executive Order on refugees. We continue to convene students across ideology and religion to work toward building a more civil and inclusive campus culture amid this contentious political moment in American history.

From coast to coast, Hillel leaders have been sending letters to their campus communities, co-signed by Hillel International President and CEO Eric D. Fingerhut, affirming their commitment to unequivocally care for “strangers” in our midst. The Torah says, “You shall love the stranger, for [we] were strangers in the land of Egypt” (Deuteronomy 10:19).

Throughout Jewish history, Jews have been minorities within the many countries we have lived, and have often been the subject of restrictions on where we could live and study.

We must learn from these experiences and welcome the stranger into our midst. And we must act. As a global campus movement, we are assisting our university partners in their efforts to sustain learning, growth and opportunity for all.

Read the joint letters from individual campus Hillels and Hillel International below.