Hillel Student Leaders Offer Advice to the Class of 2028



June 4, 2024

Another school year is drawing to a close, and with it, the end of an era for graduating high school students — and the promise of a new beginning at college! 

Starting a new chapter of life can be exciting, but it can feel daunting and uncertain too. Whether you’ve got a color-coded packing list ready to go for your first day as a college freshman or you’re still DM-ing your new roommate to decide who’s bringing the mini fridge and the coffee pot, it’s okay to have questions about what next year will look like for you at college, and as a Jewish student on campus.

To give some advice to the incoming class of 2028, we gathered words of wisdom and encouragement from some amazing Hillel leaders from the class of 2024. 

Here’s what they shared:

“Dear class of 2028, welcome to the next chapter of your lives. Be ready to open your heart and mind to opportunity, change, and novelty. Most importantly, stay true to yourself, fight for what you believe in, and always know there are people who support you no matter how hard things get. Much love, and mazel tov!”

Jake Blum, Tufts University

“Congratulations on entering a new stage of your Jewish journey! We are so excited to welcome you into the Hillel movement. Whether you’re excited, nervous, or somewhere in between, remember that the most important thing is to be yourself. Find the places and people that make you feel like your best self, and know that Hillel is here to help you along the way. Being a Jewish student in college means that you have an incredible community at your fingertips: We can’t wait to be a part of your journey!”

Samantha Brody, Brandeis University

“To the class of 2028: you are entering college at a remarkable time of chaos and uncertainty; and yet, never before has the Jewish community been more excited to welcome, support, and love you. Get ready to explore, to challenge your comfort zone, and to learn all that you can both in and out of the classroom. And on behalf of every graduating class that came before you: We have your back, forever and always. Mazel tov!”

Jillian Lederman, Brown University

“As you enter the class of 2028, dream big, try new things and most of all, form incredible memories with your newfound friends and second families!”

Andrew Goldberg, University of Texas at Austin

“Mazel tov! Entering college is a huge milestone, and we are thrilled to welcome you to the Hillel community! During your years in college, you’ll have opportunities to explore new hobbies, make new friends, and learn. Please know that Hillel is ALWAYS here to support you on this journey. Stay true to your values and never forget where you came from!”

Gali Polichuk, University of Florida

At Hillel, we want to make sure every student is excited and prepared to start their college experience. It’s not too late to explore and apply for scholarship opportunities for Jewish students, or to sign up for your free graduation gift, where you’ll also be entered into a raffle to win one of five $500 gift cards for back-to-school or dorm essentials. 

On behalf of everyone at Hillel International, we can’t wait to welcome you to campus. Mazel tov on your graduation — we’ll see you this fall!