Hillel Students Join Nearly 300,000 at the March for Israel



November 14, 2023

On Tuesday, November 14, Hillel International joined an estimated 300,000 supporters at the March for Israel in Washington, D.C. — one of the largest pro-Israel events in American history. Attendees showed support for Israel, for freeing the hostages, and for countering antisemitism on college campuses and in society.

To ensure students from across the country had the opportunity to attend the March for Israel, Hillel International provided travel funds for campus Hillels to arrange transportation to send thousands of Jewish students and staff to D.C. from over 115 college campuses across the country. We also helped match students in need of housing with volunteer hosts in the D.C. area to ensure all students had a place to stay.

At the #StudentsUnitedforIsrael pre-rally gathering, co-hosted by Hillel International, college, high school, and middle school students joined in solidarity to express their support for Israel, empowering the crowd of Jewish students. Since the October 7 attacks on Israel, antisemitic violence and rhetoric has risen and continues to rise at alarming rates, particularly on college campuses. Three Hillel student leaders, Sabrina from George Washington University, Emma from the University of Winnipeg, and Noa from Columbia University, spoke at the March and pre-rally event, inspiring fellow student attendees with their words of support and encouragement.

Noa acknowledged that it’s easy for one to feel helpless and hopeless during such a difficult time. But her powerful words of encouragement reminded the student attendees to “remember…Hatikva. Our anthem. Our foundation. Indeed, so long as the Jewish soul still yearns East, toward Zion, our hope is not yet lost. And as we now remember how much our souls yearn — and I do believe it is a great deal — I know we have hope.”

From the thousands of Israeli flags, signs, t-shirts, hats, and snacks distributed at the March, Hillel International’s presence was felt throughout the event, helping students show their support and stand proudly in solidarity with Israel. It was a remarkable day of encouragement and community. We are so grateful to have participated in this monumental occasion together with the larger Jewish community, raising our voices together as one!