Hillel Students’ Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Surviving Finals



December 8, 2021

Hillel student leaders across the movement have compiled a list of 10 tips and tricks for surviving finals season. We hope you have an easy and successful end to the semester and can’t wait to see you back on campus in 2022! 

1. “Try and remember why you’re doing what you do… you love it, I hope! And remember that this is a part of your journey and try to find the little moments of beauty in this journey. It’ll be over before we know it.” — Olivia Dyer, University of Southern Maine 

2. “Balance your study time with play time. School matters but isn’t the only thing that matters.” — Katya Brownstein, University of Oregon

3. “Treat yourself!!! Finals can be tough, make sure you find time to take care of yourself, have your favorite snack, take a nap, etc.!” — Samantha Brody, Brandeis University

4. “Trust the work you have put in all semester on homeworks, readings, going to class, etc. If you have been putting in effort throughout the semester, then hopefully studying for finals will be a refresher on everything! Try to study with friends, talk through topics, and don’t be afraid to treat yourself with a coffee during finals week!” — Blake Silver, University of Delaware

5. “Try not to be so hard on yourself when it gets overwhelming and you feel as if you’re not doing your best. Know that it’s okay to take breaks because your mental health/well being is more important!!” — Sarina Matsil, Franklin and Marshall College

6. “Organize a fun activity and/or meal to look forward to after finals week!” — Nathan Waldman, University of Oregon

7. “NEVER pull all-nighters to do work or study – the brain needs a recovery period to digest!” — Nicole Bodenstein, York University

8. “No matter how tempting it may be to phone it in… don’t! You owe it to your future self to do the best you can, all the way to the finish line.” — Abram Berry, University of Utah

9. “Ask for help when you need it! Lean on friends, family, and faculty members!” — Julia Bernstein, Franklin and Marshall College 

10. “Prioritize sleep, start early, eat well + hydrate.” — Emily Červenka, Queens University in Kingston