Jews of the University: Meet the Photojournalists



February 9, 2016

Jews of the University Photojournalists interview their peers and share their photos and stories online to display the incredible diversity of the Jewish people. This project is being scaled from the incredibly successful Jews of Brown project. Meet the photojournalists behind the lens.

Mariah Monks, Mizzou Hillel

“I’ve always been passionate about reading – if someone needs advice or a pick-me-up, a good book is the best thing I can offer.”

Renata Kazin, Ithaca College Hillel

“I just came back from going to Israel on Birthright Israel. It ripped me out of my comfort zone, and I loved it.”

Jessie Bekker, Minnesota Hillel

“If every single person in power on this planet had the type of health care knowledge you can gain even from one introductory course to public health, this world would be a different place.”

Jamie Goldberg, UVM Hillel

“Horseback riding feels like flying, and it also teaches me discipline, focus, and resiliency. And, I really love being around horses.”

Anna Arutiunian, Haifa Hillel

“I’m passionate about traveling the world and understanding cultures from the inside, as community members do. That’s why I study Sociology, Anthropology, and Human Services.”

Sarah Schecker, Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU

“I really enjoy exploring modern art museums. There is no better feeling than getting lost in the art, and I always leave feeling inspired.”

Zoe Riviere, Hillel at Virginia Tech

“Laughing is the best medicine for anything you might be going through in life.”

Dani Malakoff, University of Kansas Hillel

“I’m passionate about making videos and pictures that people can keep forever. Later on in life, those pictures and videos will bring back joy. Helping people document memories is really something special.”