Meet Amy Wolf



September 8, 2017

When she was a senior at Elon University, Amy Wolf ’17, a native of Durham, NC, imagined her first job would be in a non-profit organization far from campus.

But as Amy approached her graduation date, she began to think about staying at Elon University, where she knew the lay of the land, and could more effectively empower students to engage in meaningful programs and conversations outside the classroom.

“Elon emphasizes mentorship-based learning, and I am in a unique position to mentor students now, while still learning from senior staff,” Amy explained.

Hillel International emphasizes that Jewish engagement means meeting students where they are, and Amy plans to do just that.

“If students want to meet in the library to talk, I’ll be there,” said Amy. “If students want company at a university event, I will be by their side. It is my job to provide engaged conversation outside the classroom that can help students succeed at school, outside of school, and after school.”

Amy, who studied human services and psychology at Elon, wants to create a space where students can openly express themselves. She believes that her education prepared her well for this, as it taught her to be open and approachable to people of vastly different cultural backgrounds, a skill she honed during study abroad in Antigua, Guatemala, where she worked in a school for children with disabilities.

She is also looking forward to learning more about herself as the Hillel Engagement Associate for Elon University.

“In this role, I can also further my Jewish education. Elon and Hillel both encourage and facilitate lifelong learning, and I feel very lucky,” Amy said. “Hillel is a pluralistic community where we share our own traditions, we learn from each other in open dialogue, and we all bring something different to the table to share and learn.”