On my own



February 19, 2019

“I left behind a vibrant Jewish community when I enrolled at Salisbury University, which has a small Jewish population. Salisbury Hillel was defunct, so with the help of my new friends, I helped restart the chapter. We had the opportunity to build a small, tight-knit Jewish community that we wanted to be a part of. The day we got approved as an official on-campus club is one of my most treasured memories from college. My time at Hillel helped give me the confidence to lead and the connections to help get me there. 

“So when I arrived at the University of Michigan for graduate school, I was ready to become involved in the Jewish community. I found an already thriving Hillel, where I spent many Shabbat dinners — a consistent highlight of my hectic weeks during graduate school. I was lucky to become part of the Hillel community at two universities. And today I use the skills I learned at Hillel as a communications associate at Capital Camps and as a volunteer adviser with BBYO.” — Deborah Silver, Communications Associate at Capital Camps, Salisbury University and University of Michigan