Photo Essay: Apples and Hillel for a Sweet New Year



September 13, 2018

Text and photos by Chloe Laverson

Hillel for Utah held its first-ever apple picking event last week to get into the spirit of Rosh Hashanah. They piled into a van to explore a Farnsworth Family farms, a family-owned orchard that featured red and golden apples, of course, and also peaches, pears and plums. The farm also has beehives to make honey. While no one got stung, one of our members did get a bee entangled in his hair! We picked up a few new facts about the Jewish new year–pomegranates are another traditional food for the holiday because, the fruit is said to have 613 seeds, which correspond with the 613 commandments of the Torah.

A full van on our way to Farnsworth Family farms to pick some apples.

Maggie Burke, our Hillel President, and Sarah Miller know that there’s nothing better than an old school soda on a hot day and spending time with Hillel.

Emma Surasky and Lucy Allen engage in some wheelbarrow shenanigans.


Emma and Lucy ready to start picking yummy Golden Delicious apples!

Lucy found peaches!

Emma enjoys a snack. 

Mara Kushner, our Hillel Vice President, found the best tree in the orchard!

Alex Bochner and Nic Hofmann picking apples.

A gorgeous view of the Wasatch Mountains to the east of Farnsworth Farms. 

Eli Wolk messing around, “per usual.”

Sarah Miller and Chloe Laverson aren’t just part of the Hillel Utah family, but are sorority sisters, too!

Sleepy after a long day of apple picking and Rosh Hashanah fun, Kayla Drowsky and Sarah take a nap on the ride back home (hopefully while dreaming of a sweet new year)!