After my cousin passed away, I helped create an app to donate medical resources.



April 28, 2022

“My extended family lives in a rural part of India. They are miles away from hospitals and other medical resources found in cities. So, when my cousin was severely injured in a motorbike accident, he couldn’t receive the treatment he needed. He passed away hours later. 

“Through our grief, my family and I began to brainstorm ways we could ensure other families wouldn’t endure our pain. We thought, ‘What if we created an app to figure out what essentials people need in different communities?’ In 2018, my dad and I created the GoDonate app. Through GoDonate, we’re able to bring people together to donate the bare necessities, like medical supplies, clothes, and food. 

“The app is simple: You create an account, complete a donation form, and a volunteer picks up the resources. By doing this, you become a ‘donor.’ Right now, we have over 2,000 donors around the world — India, South Africa, France, San Francisco, Miami. One of our donors, University of Miami Hillel, is located right on my college campus. 

“A few times a month, after Shabbat dinners, Hillel professionals and students help me pack up the leftover food and bring it to local soup kitchens and shelters. We make sure no food goes to waste, and by doing so, we give people access to fresh, hot meals. I’m so grateful for the support I receive from Hillel and other donors around the world as my family and so many others tackle this global issue. With GoDonate, everyone can improve and save lives. One community at a time.”  — Rahul Kumar, University of Miami

As told to Emma Lichtenstein, part of the Hillel International Writers Program.