As a cadet in Charleston, I was worried I wouldn’t see another Jewish person.



October 28, 2019

“I grew up in Weston, Florida, which has a large Jewish population. Every other person I met was Jewish. My friends were Jewish. After I graduated high school, I moved to Charleston and became a cadet at The Citadel. I knew South Carolina didn’t have a big Jewish population, and I was worried I wouldn’t see another Jewish person for the next four years. How would I still connect with my Jewish religion? But it turns out Charleston is a city with deep Jewish roots. It’s even home to the second-oldest synagogue in the United States. The Citadel, which has about 10-15 Jewish students, is a short ride away from the College of Charleston, which has a strong Jewish presence and is home to College of Charleston Hillel. Becoming involved in Hillel gave me the opportunity to leave campus and celebrate Jewish holidays, meet new friends and further connect to my Judaism. And that means a lot to me.” – Joshua Kreitzer, The Citadel

Photo credit: College of Charleston Hillel