I always feel the most connected with my Judaism when I’m in nature.



January 17, 2020

“I always feel the most in touch with my Judaism when I’m in nature, surrounded by trees, on the beach, taking hikes, watching the sunrise and sunset. As the vice president of programming at Hillel, I have the opportunity to help organize meaningful Jewish experiences outdoors. Last year, we volunteered for International Good Deeds Day at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, a no-kill shelter in a desert town in Southern Utah, and learned about tzaar b’alei chayim, the Jewish commandment that prohibits animal cruelty. Now, I’m planning a winter Shabbaton for Hillel students in Bear Lake, Utah. Seeing beautiful sites in the world helps me connect with my Jewish identity. And now I get to help others experience that connection. As I keep going back to Hillel, the more I realize I can be who I am without worrying about what other people think of me.” — Sarah Miller, University of Utah