I am raising my son to be immensely proud of his Jewish identity.



August 10, 2020

“Judaism is more than my religion — it’s my identity. Every day, I am guided by my Jewish values to care for my community, or kehilla in Hebrew. I became involved with Acadia Park, a residence for student families at University of British Columbia, to support my neighbors and build a strong, united community while studying to become a pharmacist. While living in Acadia Park, my husband and I had our first child. Realizing the difficulties of being a student and mother, I created a support group for student mothers living in Acadia Park and other housing complexes near campus. As part of this group, I advocate for the importance of supporting mothers and keeping them in college. Keeping mothers in school is a crucial step towards equality, equity and diversity in academic institutions. Now, as I continue my studies, I am striving to raise my 4-year-old son to be immensely proud of his Jewish identity and always act in accordance with Jewish values.” — Enav Zusman, University of British Columbia  

Enav Zusman is a recipient of the 2020 Hillel International Campus Leadership Award. Learn more about Hillel scholarships for Jewish students.