I used to be afraid to have conversations about Judaism because I felt so uneducated.



August 20, 2018

“I grew up in an interfaith family. My mom is Christian, and my dad is Jewish. We were more of a culturally Jewish family. When you’re like me and don’t know what stream of Judaism you fall into, you just know you’re Jewish, it’s very easy to just see everyone for who they are — without the labels. During my sophomore year at the University of Central Florida, I became interested in becoming an engagement intern at UCF Hillel. To engage with students who might not be having the best time in college or students who are looking for a community where they’ll be accepted — that’s something I wanted to do. Becoming an engagement intern and eventually a graphic design intern at UCF Hillel made me feel more comfortable discussing Judaism and what it means to me. In the past, I had felt so uneducated about Judaism that I thought I couldn’t have a meaningful conversation about it. And now I realize that I should’ve never had those fears to begin with.” — Kayla Goldfarb, University of Central Florida ’20