My summer internship in Tel Aviv went virtual with the help of Hillel Onward Israel.



September 1, 2020

“With the outbreak of the coronavirus, Hillel Onward Israel adapted the six-week internship I was supposed to do in Tel Aviv to a virtual experience. I spent the summer working remotely for Odoro, an Israeli software development company in the healthcare industry. Although I couldn’t physically work from the office, I still felt like a part of the team. My supervisor welcomed me on my first day with a virtual office tour, carrying his laptop around the office so I could ‘meet’ my coworkers. Over the next few weeks, I started each morning with a Zoom check-in with my supervisor. The main focus of my internship was to conduct market research. Odoro wanted to upgrade the analytics it offered to customers, so I did research and gave advice based on my findings, which were reviewed by the CEO and COO. I felt like my work mattered, and I realized I didn’t have to be working from the office to make a valuable impact.” — Carli Weisberg, University of Virginia