Surviving your first year



September 1, 2016

Get in the game
“Go to sporting events. It doesn’t matter if you go to a Big 10 school or a small liberal arts college. Nor do it does matter what sports you’re watching. Sports bring people together. Whether a football game or a swim meet, watching sports with your classmates helps you gain school spirit and meet new people. (And did I mention the stadium food?) Be proud of your school; you will be there for the next four years.” -Ben Mitchell, American University ‘18

Nip bad grades in the bud
“The key to a bad grade in college is being proactive about it. If you have a failing grade in the beginning, do not wait until the last week of the semester to go and argue with your professor. Instead, make an appointment for office hours immediately. Do not be afraid to ask for help when it comes to college level classes! Going forward, adjust your studying habits, use past tests as a reference for future exams, and do any practice your professor may give you. Never let one bad grade put a limit on your potential success!”- Charlotte Frischman, The Ohio State University ‘17

Speak up!
“Especially in large lecture classes, it can be easy to make it through an entire semester without talking to your professor. My advice is to show up to office hours, or even just send them an email letting them know that you’re finding the material interesting – maybe even ask a question or two! Professors are often eager to delve deeper into material one-on-one, or connect you to further reading and resources in whatever subject. Additionally, they very well may be able to connect you to incredible opportunities at school and beyond – from research to internships to graduate schools. Talking with your professors is always a good idea if you’re missing class, be it the Jewish holidays or the slightly-less-legitimate accidental oversleeping.” -Monica Sass, Washington University in St. Louis ‘19

Shake some hands
“Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and meet people. If you are sitting down for lunch, don’t sit by yourself. Ask to join a table. Outside of the dining hall, introduce yourself to the people in your classes, and don’t be afraid to go to events or programs. Everyone is new and looking to make friends, so put on a smile and start introducing yourself.” -Kayla Sokoloff, University of Texas ’15

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