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By being a part of these communities, I have felt encouraged to embrace myself — no matter what Jewish space I occupy.

I am a bi-racial Jew: My mom is white and Jewish, and my dad is Black and a non-practicing Christian. My parents always told me how special I am to be part of two extraordinary groups of people, but I long believed I could only be one or the other. Over the years I have learned to become more comfortable coexisting in both identities.

Speaking Up for Israel

For me, Judaism is warmth. It is the warmth of a mazel tov on a happy occasion. It is the warmth of far too much food at every social gathering. It is the warmth of traveling away from home to college and having a constant, reliable base in the campus Hillel. And it is the warmth of hearing “welcome home” the moment you step foot in Israel.

Each experience reminds me that I am the role model I’ve always wanted to be — and that all the hard work was undeniably worth it.

“In fifth grade, I struggled with a newly diagnosed life-threatening peanut allergy, the resulting anxiety, and for good measure, an appendectomy. During that rough year, writing was the creative outlet I needed and became the catalyst for the adventure of a lifetime. “I decided I wanted to write a story that I, as an avid […]