Two-Line Torah: Ki Tissa 5776–Experiencing God



February 21, 2016

After inscribing commandments into a second set of tablets, Moses yearns to be given proof of the God he tries so hard to serve. In Ki Tissa, Moses reaches the limits of faith, and begs to see the Divine.

But he cannot.

God is not something we can see. So Moses hides behind a rock and God shows the leader a ripple of the good that God manifests. God’s goodness is something we can experience.

Each of us is presented with the opportunity to mirror Moses’ encounter as we move through this world. When you see the good in front of you – community, camaraderie, love, mercy, truth – take a moment, step out from behind the rock, open your eyes and smile, having just come face to face with God.

Rabbi David Singer is Director of UC San Diego Hillel.

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