Two-Line Torah: Lech Lecha 5778 – Valuing The Journey



October 30, 2017

In Parashat Lech Lecha, God proclaims that he will bless Abraham throughout the journey from his birthplace to the unknown, new “land that [God] will show [him.]”

God asserts to Abraham “Lech Lecha,” which literally translates to “go for you.” Abraham is not directly commanded to go for God’s sake or for the sake of the Jewish people; rather, he is told to go for himself. While the intention and end destination may be a bit unclear to Abraham, he knows that he will be protected and supported throughout his journey of discovery and self-growth.

Similar to Abraham’s journey of self-discovery, a college experience provides a framework for forging a unique path toward personal growth and inspired learning. College is an environment in which to encounter different people, try new things, make mistakes, and grow personally from each experience. Throughout the various twists and turns of college life, it is important to remember that the “journey,” similar to Abraham’s, is all about creating your own path and finding value in learning more about yourself along the way. The end destination may be unclear, but life in college is an ongoing process of clarifying how to make each day on campus meaningful, intentional, and fulfilled.

Elan Kramer is the first year engagement coordinator at Columbia/Barnard Hillel.