Two-Line Torah: Vayeshev 5777–Sharing light



December 16, 2016

Joseph, Jacob’s favorite son, dreams two dreams that insinuate he will one day rule over his brothers. He decides to share these dreams with his brothers and, surprisingly, they don’t take it so well.

In some cases, talking oneself up is vital. Later on in our story, Joseph actually becomes second in command in Egypt, thanks in part to his confident persona.

Other times, however, sharing for the sake of bragging is simply harmful to our relationships.

When we share a thought or idea, what is our motivation? Are we seeking attention, validation, praise? Or hoping to develop a real connection with another person?

During the coldest, darkest time of year, we place the Chanukah candles in our windows, hoping to spread a little extra warmth. As we approach Chanukah, may the words we share foster genuine connection with each other and increase light in the world.

Hannah Elovitz is the senior communications associate for Hillel International.