Unapologetically Jewish



February 14, 2019

“The University of Oklahoma is not exactly the breadbasket of Judaism. The Jewish community at OU is small, but thriving thanks to OU Hillel. Hillel gave me a space in which I could be unapologetically Jewish, even in a rural town where Jews were truly ‘strangers in a strange land.’ While in college, I cherished Hillel for the friendships and community. Looking back, I have found that Hillel also provided me with a platform for honing my most important professional skills. Whether I was learning to build a network through student outreach, practicing my public speaking during an ‘Ask Big Questions’ discussion or sharpening my political know-how while lobbying with Sooners for Israel, Hillel gave me the tools to simultaneously shape both my professional and Jewish identity. I am forever grateful.” — Lindsey Weiss, Senior Audience Development Associate at American Enterprise Institute and Co-founder of BetterBra, University of Oklahoma