Berenice and Solomon



February 22, 2024

Berenice and Solomon have always supported Jewish causes, along with their other passions for the arts, music, children, and feeding those in need. But this year, they decided to focus all of their charitable giving on Jewish causes.

“Hillel has always been in our hearts, but with everything going on now on campuses and around the world, we decided to increase our giving and narrow our focus,” says Berenice.

They have chosen to support Hillel through Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) from their IRAs. “It just makes sense,” says Solomon. “Many people our age can set aside money from their IRA without sacrifice. You can give as if you’re a millionaire, even if you aren’t! You can support Hillel, save on taxes, and give good will.” “It’s very satisfying to both of us,” adds Berenice.

Making a QCD from an IRA is a savvy way to support Hillel and Jewish students. Each taxpayer can give up to $105,000 from their IRA, annually. This type of gift reduces your taxable income, satisfies your required minimum distribution (if you are of age), and achieves philanthropic goals−all in one simple transaction. You can also name Hillel as a beneficiary of your IRA. “Hillel will be in our legacy forever,” Berenice and Solomon agree.

Like these cherished donors, you can lead by example and ensure a strong Jewish future. Consider including Hillel in your charitable giving plans to help inspire every Jewish college student to create a lifelong connection to Jewish life, learning, and Israel.