Welcoming the Vav (Sixth) Cohort of the Springboard Fellowship Program



July 19, 2021

Hillel International is thrilled to announce the Vav (Sixth) Cohort of our Springboard Fellowship. Over the next two years, these 48 amazing young professionals from across the nation will join 43 campus Hillels to spur innovation, Jewish educational programming, and social justice initiatives. Through the Springboard Fellowship, young Jewish professionals gain the skills needed to become the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow while making a difference in Jewish life on campus.

The Springboard Fellowship features three different tracks: 

Innovation Fellows work to reimage and redesign Jewish life on campus. They are trained in the Design Thinking methodology to spark new ideas, connect with students, and inject creativity into all aspects of Hillel’s work.

Ezra Fellows bring Jewish learning to life on campus. They are trained in pluralistic and experiential Jewish educational techniques that help them to infuse Jewish learning into their work as engagement professionals.

Social Justice Fellows empower students to make change on a local and domestic level guided by Jewish values, texts, and history. They are trained in engagement, social action, and community organizing, and learn how to seamlessly weave Judaism into the work of justice.

The 49 fellows of the Vav Cohort will onboard this month to begin their Hillel Pro journey, and along with second year fellows, make our largest program year yet—with 90+ fellows on over 70 campuses.

Meet our new fellows here!


Hillel International launched the Springboard Fellowship in 2016 to train cohorts of young Jewish professionals in highly-valued skillsets and place them at local Hillel campuses for two years. The Springboard Fellowship is a reimagining of the Steinhardt Jewish Campus Service Corps Fellowship, a Hillel program that ran from 1994 to 2008 and trained a generation of emerging Jewish communal leaders through their roles in Jewish student engagement.

In addition to compelling work and professional development training, Springboard Fellows receive a minimum base salary of $40,000 as well as full benefits, jointly funded by Hillel International and by the local Hillel campuses that they serve, as well as generous donations from the Beacon and Shapira Foundations and Mosaic United.

For more information, and to apply for a future Springboard cohort, visit