Becoming a lay leader



February 6, 2019

“My leadership roles at Hillel prepared me for working in the Jewish communal sector and serving the Jewish people in a lay leadership capacity. As a student, I served as co-chair of the Hillel International Student Cabinet, and I was an ex-officio member of the Hillel International Board of Directors. I learned how to build relationships with stakeholders at all levels, advocate for myself and how to motivate other leaders to succeed. My roles at Hillel made me feel purposeful and gave me the skills to pursue a career in the Jewish communal sector. Now, in addition to working in the Jewish world, I’m also on the board of Advancing Jewish Professionals of New York City, which is a peer-led group that provides networking and development opportunities for Jewish non-profit professionals. Because of Hillel, I discovered my passion for Jewish peoplehood and grew in a way that helped me pursue that passion.” — Ross Beroff, Communications Coordinator at The Focus Project, Northeastern University