Many young adults living in Poland today are still discovering their Jewish roots, as rampant antisemitism, World War II, and subsequent Communism rule led generations of families to conceal their identities as a way to protect their families. Every year, an increasing number of 18-to-30 year olds look for opportunities to explore their heritage and get first hand experience of Jewish life. 

In an effort to respond to their needs, Hillel Poland was established in 2016. With vibrant spaces in Warsaw and Krakow, Hillel Poland is creating and strengthening connections among young adults, and providing a safe, inclusive, and open space for Jewish young adults. Hillel Poland is continuously building a supportive and caring community that joins together for life cycle events, holidays, and social gatherings.

I’m proud to be an active member of Hillel. They’ve helped me find my heritage and feel proud about being Jewish. As I learn more, I feel more connected to the rich history and intricate past.

Krystyna, Hillel Krakow


Hillel Poland participants raised without any knowledge of their Jewish background

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Almost 20 years ago, Magda Dorosz found a tattered document that belonged to her late grandfather, shedding light on her Jewish roots. Now, as executive director of Hillel Warsaw, she’s committed to helping others explore their newfound heritage.

The Highlights

Hillel Poland is transforming lives — every day.

At the Ukrainian Border

Radek Pintara, a Hillel International Student Cabinet Member and active member of Hillel Poland, tells his story about volunteering with Ukrainian refugees.

Off to Israel

Hillel Poland has sent more than 300 Jewish students and young adults on Birthright Israel.

Making History

More than 130 years after the Jewish community of Warsaw first welcomed Rosh Hashanah in the Great Synagogue, Hillel Warsaw opened its doors for young adults to celebrate the new year.

Meeting Needs

Hillel Poland collaborated with other Jewish organizations to create a crisis management center for Jewish Ukrainian refugees.

On the Move

Programs celebrating Shabbat and Jewish holidays attract the most participants, but other Hillel happenings — including Hebrew classes and movie nights — are starting to garner the attention of students and adults alike. Check out Hillel Poland.