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Hillel Initiative Against Campus Antisemitism Adds 12 New Universities

Jewish students are facing a steep rise in antisemitism on many of their college campuses. Hillel International, the largest and most inclusive Jewish student organization in the world, is substantially expanding its Campus Climate Initiative (CCI), a comprehensive program to foster a campus climate in which Jewish students feel comfortable expressing their identity free of antisemitism, harassment, or marginalization. CCI, now in its third year, today announced the addition of 12 new campuses, along with five campuses expanding their participation, achieving a new total of 40 campuses nationwide.

University Presidents' Summit 2022

Our biggest goal was to foster an inclusive environment.

I think the best part of that whole conversation was they were so grateful that we educated them because they didn’t know something that we were able to teach them about. They weren’t apologizing profusely. They were sorry, but they weren’t like ‘Really? You have to make our lives more difficult?’ They were so willing to make this change happen with us.