I merged my passions for art and Judaism by creating over 50 custom masks during COVID-19.



August 5, 2020

“You feel empowered when you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. However, the pandemic has been such an isolating experience for many Hillel students, making it difficult to feel any sense of empowerment or connectivity. Even though we’ve been physically apart, I wanted to create a sense of togetherness. I began using my artistic skills to design custom masks, representing more than 50 campuses from America to Israel. Since July, I’ve sold roughly 150 masks, including masks for Stony Brook Hillel, where I’m president of our pro-Israel group, Seawolves for Israel. Right now, we’re not in the same space, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t connected.” — Naomi Gluck, Stony Brook University

Naomi Gluck has created nearly 60 unique custom masks, including the design below. You can browse her masks by visiting Redbubble.