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Never forget. Hillel Remembers the Holocaust.

Today marks Yom HaShoah, the worldwide day of Holocaust remembrance. From Los Angeles to Jerusalem, students are gathering at Hillels to hold name readings, host survivors and lead discussions to remember the millions of lives lost during the Holocaust. Yesterday, Hillel at the University of Vermont placed 5,000 flags in the middle of campus, a […]

Putting the ‘om’ into shalom

Deadlines, coursework and carrying a heavy class load can be nerve-wracking and super demanding, so Hillels across the country are offering activities that help soothe students’ stress levels and counter their effects.

Freedom, Social Justice and Passover at Hillel

Every year at Sedarim (Passover dinners) around the world, Jewish people list the ten plagues inflicted upon Egypt as Moses tried to gain freedom for the Israelites: blood, lice, hail and other horribles.