Hillel International is proud to announce the recipients of the Handeli First-Year Student Scholarship and the Campus Leadership Award. These outstanding high school and college students from the U.S. and Canada exemplify Jewish values, as they foster a better world through leadership and volunteerism in their communities.

Handeli First-Year Student Scholarship Recipients

Every year, two high school seniors with an outstanding record of leadership and volunteer service in their community have received a scholarship toward their college education in the United States or Canada.

Elijah Harris

“By being a part of these communities, I have felt encouraged to embrace myself — no matter what Jewish space I occupy.”

Elizabeth Shvarts

“Bridge to Literacy renews my faith in the promise of a community founded on empathy-driven leadership and dynamic, one-on-one mentorship.”

Jules and Gwen Knapp Campus Leadership Award Recipients

Every year, undergraduate students with extraordinary leadership abilities receive a scholarship toward their education in the United States or Canada.

Ethan Voskoff

 “While I may be wearing a surgical mask while interacting with my community, the smile underneath has never faded.”

Aharon Grama

“When our student community sees themselves represented in leadership roles, they feel more safe, secure, and seen on campus.”

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